Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome Back To Reality........

Welcome back to reality - that is what my father always tells me as summer ends and the new school year begins.  Yes, it is true that I often wish for a longer summer vacation; however, there is that part of me that is anxiously awaiting the new adventures in September.

My summer has been filled with joy - Cameron's medical treatments have been a success with a 3-inch growth spurt as visible proof.  Summer was also a time of great sadness as my 90-year-old grandmother was placed in hospice - now she spends her days waiting for the end.  Both of these events have provided me the same lesson - Cam's courageous smiles through multiple shots and blood draws proved to me that he is certainly the strongest, most resilient person I know.  My grandmother, despite her future, continues to wake up every day smiling and telling us how much she loves us.  I have learned that despite the trials and tribulations that we all face in our daily lives, a positive outlook is necessary, vital to maintaining some sense of balance.  Keeping a sense of faith and holding on to those we hold dear is certainly the key to a fulfilling life experience.  I certainly don't want to waste my life focusing on the sorrows - my eyes continue to focus forward on what adventures are next.

So, September brings new adventures - a new adventure in my career.  What lessons will my students teach me this year?  How will I become a better teacher?

September starts Cameron's 3rd grade school year.  What amazing changes will I see in him as he learns new ideas and concepts?  How will his growth impact his next steps?  What will he teach me about all that life has to offer?

September marks the 4th anniversary for me and my partner.  What changes are ahead for us?  What adventures will we embark on together?

Forest Gump said, "Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're gonna get."  Isn't that the great thing about life?  Life is like a box of chocolates - and whenever I get one of those dreaded cream filled chocolates, I quietly toss it aside and reach for another.  Eventually, I will get the golden caramel filled one.

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